Create characters with cut-out animation

Participate to a Workshop with Beto Shibata, brazilian visual designer that will introduce you to the art of collage.

Beto shibata is a graphic artist and designer from Sao Paolo, Brazil. He worked as Graphic Manager for Mtv brazil, Art director of the Mtv Magazine and Art editor of TRIP magazine. This Year he collaborated with the Future Film Festival creating the Character of the XIX edition.

Materials used during the workshop: magazines, scissors, glue, computer, camera, Dragon software.

Cost of the workshop (wednesday 3 May, 9.00-13.00 ; Thursday 4 May, 9.00-13.00): 30€

Payment through wire transfer at:

Associazione Amici del Future Film Festival, Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna-Agenzia sede, IBAN IT54 P 06385 02401 07400053846B – BIC: IBSPIT2B.

Causal: Workshop Beto Shibata 2017