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Wednesday 2 April 2014 4:00 pm


by Tôya Sato – Japan, 2013

(113', DCP, Original version with Italian subtitles)

At the beginning of the 21st Century mankind is under attack by invaders Galactor. Within 17 days half of the civilization is annihilated. On the verge of extinction humankind’s only hope against the invaders are mysterious crystals called the Stones. These Stones empower certain humans who were born Receptors. Statistically there is only one Receptor in 8 million. After the International Science Organization combs the land for Receptors, the chosen few gather to train as special agents by Dr. Nambu. They are to be groomed as the ultimate weapon against the deadly invaders. These modern day ninjas, empowered by extraordinary Stones are called Gatchaman: Ken the Eagle, Joe The Condor, Jun the Swan, Jinpei the Swallow, Ryu the Owl. 


Tôya Sato

Sato was born in 1959 in Tokyo. His father, Junya Sato was also a film director. Tôya Sato joined Nippon Television Network Corporation in 1983 and has directed many TV dramas since. Credits include, The Straight News (2000), The GokuSen (2002-08), the live action The Grave of Fireflies (2005), My Boss is My Hero (2006). Other movies he has directed include Gokusen the Movie (2009), Kaiji (2009) and Kaiji 2 (2011). 

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