Future Film Festival 20th Edition: All the awards

The Future Film Festival has ended. This twentieth edition has been a rich one. Thirty-three feature films have been screened in the various categories, ten feature films in competition for the Platinum Grand Prize and ninety-five short films. In addition, the Virtual Reality Contest took place, with ten videos in competition, two out of competition and a special Virtual Cinema Heritage Showcase.

The Homage to Isao Takahata has been one of the main events of the Future Film Festival, which in 1999, during its first edition, brought the Studio Ghibli films and series to Italy for the first time. The Festival dedicated a large retrospective and a round table to the great Japanese Master.

Let's move on to the awards:

Franco La Polla Award. This year's was the seventh edition. The Jury, after careful reflection, decided not to award the prize to any of the participants in the competition. Both Silvia Albertazzi, member of the Jury, and Future Film Festival hope to award the prize next year.

FFFABULOUS & FFFANTASTIC Prize. The jury was composed of the Future Film Festival's supporters, which every year we sincerely thank for the trust they put in our events. The winner was the feature film The Breadwinner, by Nora Twomey (Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, 2017). This film deals with a harsh issue with deep realism creating an excellently balanced visual power, as opposed to narrative refinement and evocative scenarios. It manages to keep the viewer's interest alive with a screenplay that remains compelling to the end.

Future Film Short - Audience Award. The audience voted for the short films in competition during the Festival evenings, awarding Simbiosis Carnal by Rocìo Alvarez (Belgium, 2017).

Future Film Short - Jury Award. The jury, composed by Swan Bergman, Stefano Amadio and Andrea Baricordi assigns two special mentions to the short films: Xian by Roxane Campoy, Pauline Ledu, Myriam Belkheyar, Gwenaelle Bavoux (France, 2017), for showing the power of animation that becomes a medium of innovative narration, combining past and future, and Reruns by Rosto (Holland, France, Belgium, 2018). Reruns confirms the mastery of the integration of mixed techniques, using an original and unusual poetic.
The award for the best short film was assigned to Inanimate by Lucia Bulgheroni (England, 2018), for being able to use the techniques of animation, enlightening and combining them with the unsolvable existential doubt.

Platinum Grand Prize. The jury, composed of Giorgio Tonelli, Luca Genovese, and Filippo Porcelli has assigned a special mention to The Wolf House (La casa lobo) by Leòn and Cocina (Chile, 2018), for the expressive-narrative research and its strong visual impact.
The Platinum Grand Prize is awarded to Window Horses, The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming by Ann Marie Fleming (Canada, 2017), for its deeply emotional atmosphere expressed through sophisticated and concise graphics which take the audience to a journey of discovery and unexpected growth.

Virtual Reality Contest. The jurors Saverio Iacono and Antonella Guidazzoli award the prize to Rone VR by Lester Francois (Australia, 2018).


We would like to thank the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Municipality of Bologna, Bologna Estate, Bologna Fiere, Fondazione MAST, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, Cineteca di Bologna, MAMbo and ECIPAR.
Thanks to the University of Bologna, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, the Japan Consulate-General in Italy, Cineca, Acantho and all media, cultural and technical partners.

Thanks to all the guests and jurors of the Future Film Festival 2018, the audience, all the supporters, the staff and the volunteers.


The next meeting will be in Piazza Maggiore for "Sotto le stelle del cinema" (Under the Stars of the Cinema), where we will present a special tribute to Isao Takahata.