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FRANCE TRIUMPHS AT. FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL 18. Platinum Grand Prize at PHANTOM BOY by Jean-Lou Felicioli and Alain Gagnol


France triumphs at the 18th edition of the Future Film Festival!

The Jury, composed of the screenwriter Mario Bellina, the writer Gianluca Morozzi and the critic Mario Serenellini awarded the Platinum Grand Prize to Phantom Boy by Jean-Lou Felicioli and Alain Gagnol (France-Belgium, 2015): “for its fairy-tale allure, captivating for every age, which gives visual and narrative unity to a skillful graft of cynematographic generes, from noir to superhero comics”.

A special mention was also awarded to Extraordinary Tales by Raul Garcia(Luxembourg-Spain-Belgium-USA, 2015): “for its temerarious, determined directing and producing adventure which brought back to life – with many different animation techiniques -  five E. A. Poe’s short stories, enhanced by famous voices from Cinema history, and for its incisive congruence to the writer’s spirit”.

French cinema was also awarded within the the short film cathegory: the Future Film Short Prize was unanimously awarded - by a jury composed of the journalist Alessandro Dall’Olio, the animator Anna Ciammitti and the visual artist Andreco -  to Le bruit du gris by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar (France, 2016) “on the grounds of author’s ability to combine a poetic narration and a vivid animation with an excellent irony and efficacy”. A special mention was also given to Tanzonk by Sasha Svirsky (Russia, 2015) “for its graphic balance between rithm and composition, and for its combination of abstract art and narration, with intresting iconographic references to russian avantgarde”.


Other prizes:

Franco La Polla Prize (fifth edition)

The jury, composed of teacher Silvia Albertazzi, Giacomo Manzoli, Michele Fadda, Leonardo Gandini, Roy Menarini, Massimiliano Spanu, Enrico Terronedecided to award Tommaso Ari Moscati for his essay “Io-giocatore, io-avatar: meccanismi metamorfici di autoriflessione nel videogioco”(Player-self and Avatar-self, metamorphic mechanism in playing videogames” which “represents an exquisite attempt to read and interpret the audiovisual text of the Prototype videogame. The author proves his confidence with the cinematographic media, and creativity in expanding the film analysis methodology to a bordering context, such as the videogames realm”.


12 Hours Animated Writing Marathon Prize

The award goes to MADDIE MADDOXby Cristina Brignante: “The main character, with her bizarre problems, looks empathic from the very start, and close to the target too. The story clearly outlines an horizontal and vertical potential for a series that we hope to develope with Bottega Finzioni”.

A special mention goes to BLUE PLANET VACANCY by Mariasole Brusa: “The narration is well constructed and it clearly outlines characters and conflicts, offering to a reader, and to a potential producer, various suggestions to create a series.”


Future Film Short – Audience Prize

WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT COSMOS by Kostantin Bronzit (Russia, 2015).


Future Film Short – Online Audience Prize

ORIPEAUX (Francia, 2014) by Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias de Panafieu, with a vote percentage of 79,4%. 


A succesfull edition with a great press attention and lot of audience who have followed a program full of special events:

Nine feature films in competition and eleven out of it, one hundred and two shorts.

Focus On Welcome Aliens, Extra, Special Events, Midnight Madness, Presentations, Workshop and FFKids workshop.

Three exhibition: MANGA HOKUSAI MANGA thanks to the kind cooperation of the Japan Foundation and MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, INDUSTRIAL thanks to the cooperation of Biblioteca Salaborsa and Urban Center, DUE AUTUNNI with the partnership of Spazio &.

Dayly live of RADIO CITTA' FUJIKO; COSPLAY contest and iNSTAGRAM contest thanks to the collaboration of Igersbologna.

MULTIMEDIA CLUSTERS IN DUBAI AND GERMANY with the cooperation of CNA and the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna; EXPOPIXEL 2016: RETHINK THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT in partnership with Fondazione Golinelli.

Meetings with lot of guests: Raul Garcia, Matilde Gioli e Roberto Zazzara, Leonardo Cruciano e Tommaso Ragnisco, Federico Sfascia e Guglielmo Favilla, Sara Cabras, Beatrice Fini, Max Carrier Ragazzi e Francesco Filippi, Barbie Xanax, Vito Campanelli, Franco Marieno, Agata Meneghelli e Federico Frusciante, Andrea Bozzetto, Samuele Sestieri e Olmo Amato, Roy Menarini, Nembo Buldrini, Giacomo Manzoli, Matteo Guarnaccia, Nicola Vianello e Carlo Modesti Pauer, Simone Arcagni, Camere Sonore e Basmati.


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