Hiroki Yamaguchi

Hiroki Yamaguchi is a japaneese director born in Kyoto in 1978 and famous for his movies Hellevator(2004) and Bloody Chainsaw Girl (2016)

Naoko Yamada

Naoko Yamada is a japaneese director, animator and screenwriter born in the Gunma prefecture in 1984. She works at Kyoto Animation studios and has directed the Tv series K-On! and the movie A Silent Voice (2016)

Eiichi Yamamoto

Born in 1940, Eiichi Yamamoto took interest in animation when he was only a junior in high school. He joined Mushi Productions, which Osamu Tezuka established as his first animation studio in 1960. Yamamoto directed three animation features, of which Belladonna of Sadness is the final film in the trilogy called “Animerama,” a series of animations made for an adult audience.

Yang Li

Li Yang was born in 1981. He finished the college studies in Germany majoring in computer science and he studied at School of Animation of Beijing Film Academy. Li Yang worked at an advertising agency as a storyboard artist and in 2007, he began to create his first cartoon short Lee’s Adventure. After two and half years of work, his short was nominated for the Best Visual Effects Award at Beijing Film Academy, and won the Best Animation Short Award at 2010 Tudou Video Festival.

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