VR Space

The open-air hall of the Future Film Festival, created in collaboration with Cineca, is dedicated to the works developed for virtual reality, hosting Italian and international artists.
Wear the appropriate VR viewers and watch one or more selected works!
For the first time, the space hosts an international competition next to out-of-competition works.

A selection by Giulietta Fara.

TIMETABLES: every day from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 22.00






Out of body

movie 360

A terrifying horror film about life beyond death. You will experience life after death as true protagonists. A scientist falls asleep to study life over one death, asking his colleagues to wake him up at the right time. But things never go as hoped...

Lucas Rizzotto USA

Where Thoughts Go

interactive app

It welcomes you an intimist and narrative world realized in VR, where human thoughts exist in the form of dormant sound creatures. We can take these creatures and listen to the thoughts of those who used the app before us, or record our thoughts that will remain for those who come later.

European preview

Axel Bonnot FRANCE

7DS movie

360 stereo
duration: 4'28 "

What mortal sin are you guilty of? 7DS is a film in 360 ° on the desire to have more, and the need for excess: the seven deadly sins. Seven visions, all linked to our desire to look and be looked at, a seamless voyeurism.

European preview



Hong Kong movie

360 movie

A documentary on the most chaotic city in the world, with its vertiginous heights and its inhabitants crowded through the streets of the center.

European preview


Tyler Hurd USA


interactive app

A fantastic universe with iridescent creatures moves around us, and each of us has to take a crystal to turn into a warrior and enter the adventure. Chorus transforms the player and five friends into fantastic warriors and sends them to a distant galaxy and to futuristic worlds. Presented in competition at the Sundance Film Festival 2018.

European preview


Lester Francois AUSTRALIA

Rone VR

interactive app

RONE is an original portrait of the artist Rone, who creates giant murals depicting faces of women, in abandoned places or abandoned buildings. Through the app in VR you can access exclusive interviews with the artist and in rooms where the artist works. The world premiere of the VR version was presented in world premiere at the South by Southwest SXSW2018.

European preview



Space x Girl

movie 360 ​​9 '

The story, created in a mix of animation and live action, tells the story of a girl's life and her relationship between private space and the outside world. The girl has an incredible ability to feel the soul of the places. One day the girl's space begins a real conversation with her.

European preview


Ben Wolstenholme, Screenwriters: Ben Wolstenholme, Felipe Marino, Anthony Brock USA

MONO - Blackwater

interactive app

Mono, the Queen's killer and legendary man-fly returns from exile and discovers he has a captive daughter.

European premiere


Singmoo Lee

Eyes in the Red Wind SOUTH KOREA

movie 360 ​​°, 11 '

A shaman on an Asian boat tries to capture the soul of a drowned man to pacify her, but in doing so the secrets of man are revealed, so that the solemn ceremony is transformed into a violent tragedy. The horror genre certainly has many chances to present itself in a new guise thanks to virtual reality.

Italian preview




Isle of dogs VR

movie 360 ​​stereo

To have a thorough knowledge of Wes Anderson's new film, Felix & Paul Studios in parthership with FoxNext VR Studio, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Google Spotlight Stories, have realized this VR experience that brings the viewer to the same height of the dogs, interviewed for the opportunity on set, while the crew is working around them to create stop-motion animations.


Lives Studios
Ready Player One Oasis beta

Interactive app

For this app, the VR movie universe was recreated: Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One. In the Oasis, you can choose an avatar and go anywhere, do anything, be anyone. The only limits of reality are dictated by your imagination.




The experience "VIRTUAL CULTURAL HERITAGE" is the result of a collaboration of the Visitlab (Visual Technology lab) of CINECA and the University of Bologna.

The first of the two applications is an interactive experience in virtual reality, suitable for children and teens, able to stimulate the interest of users towards objects and environments belonging to the great cultural heritage of our country. The models used are philologically rigorous, while the application, currently available on the Oculus visor, is easily "portable" on different technological platforms.

The second application today brings the Muvi project to the Oculus, with the navigation of two rooms in a 1930s house. MUVI - Virtual Museum of Daily Life in the twentieth century (muvi.cineca.it) describes the changes that have occurred in the lives of Italians through the reconstruction of domestic environments.